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The glass stones of this beautiful peacock's eye are available in various colors.

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Peacock's Eye


This excellent diadem, made of silver-colored tombac, is designed like a beautiful peacock's eye and the two high quality glass stones in its center and at the end of the feather can be obtained, according to your choice, in red, black and blue. The diadem is closed with an adjustable chain in the back thus fitting every head.
This piece of jewelry is made of silver-colored tombac embellished with high quality glass stones. Tombac is an especially precious alloy made of copper and zinc with a percentage of copper of at least 70% - this makes it a very durable and beautiful kind of brass. It is used as an alternative to silver and gold when manufacturing jewelry and watches. The name probably is derived from the malaysian word "tumbago" meaning copper. This piece of jewelry with its remarkable design furthermore was embellished with high quality glass stones.

You can choose the crystal color for this jewelry

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Size:  The peacock's eye is about 4.5 cm (1.77 in) tall and 3.0 cm (1.18 in) wide
Thickness of hairband about 2 mm (0.08 in)
Weight:  22 g (0.05 lb)
Material:  silver-colored tombac
embellished with 2 high quality glass stones in miracle settings
Delivery:  in a 24,5 x 15,0 cm (9.6 x 5.9 in) fancy jewel pouch
Jewelry Line Up:  Tiaras and Diadems
Order number: 
Our Price:
EUR 23.70
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Peacock's Eye
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This jewelry belongs to the following jewelry line up:

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This jewelry belongs to the jewelry line up "Tiaras and Diadems" - this line up can also be downloaded as a printable catalogue so that you can order by fax or mail:

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A main focus of our jewelry collections are pieces of jewelry made according to old historical and magical artwork where you can chose the gemstone most suited to your own, personal wants and needs. In doing so you can benefit from the positive effects of the different precious stones in order to harmonize body, mind and spirit and to eliminate emotional blocks. A piece of jewelry personalized this way furthermore can focus and enhance balancing energy.
The power of precious stones and crystals was already known to the old Egyptians and many cultures used the vibrational energy of gemstones to influence body, mind and spirit in a positive way. For this purpose the gems can be used as tumbled stones or set in pieces of jewelry, larger mineral specimens are often also put up in order to harmonize a room or to be used as a mediation stone for finding the own inner center. All of these forms of using minerals and precious stones are known since the beginning of mankind and are practiced since thousands of years by many cultures.
The use of gemstones set in pieces of jewelry not only is attractive, but also especially helpful, since the crystals are worn close to the body this way. Thus the unique atomic structure of the respective gem and its special vibrational energy can directly influence the energy centers of the body and compensate its energetic imbalance. Emotional blocks can be eliminated and parts of the body with a low energy level can be stimulated. The vibrations of the precious stone are said to influence and harmonize the energy of body, mind and spirit in a positive way.
Amongst others the precious stones citrine, rock crystal, black tourmaline, carnelian and onyx are used often and are also popular as stones to be set in pendants and necklaces. Citrine symbolizes individuality, self-assurance and optimism, while rock crystal stands for clarity of feelings and during problems in daily life. Black tourmaline symbolizes the defence against feelings like mistrust, envy and jealousy and carnelian stands for shared activities and for helpfulness, while black onyx symbolizes energy, self-assurance and strength.
The item on this page http://www.alte
is a good example for a product that can develop a special power if used in combination with selected gemstones and crystals. If you want to point to this page you can use the following information about our website and the page itself:
  • Website: Our short information is "Webshop for Books about Alternative Health"
  • Page: A beautiful peacock's eye is depicted by this diadem made of silver-colored tombac.
The energetic effect of minerals and gemstones is deemed to be unproven by modern science and therefore it is often said that the positive effects of gem jewelry are only based on the imagination of its wearer. Although it is true that most of the effects that are traditionally passed down for the various gemstones are not scientifically validated there are energetic effects of crystals that are undisputed: For example gemstones exist that can store energy and release it in the dark or if one rubs over their surface. Therefore many remains to be discovered and personally experienced about minerals and gems and therefore we decided to offer a broad range of pieces of jewelry where our customers can choose the gemstone to be set in: This way everybody can find his jewelry with his personal favourite stone and experience what the world of gemstones and minerals has to offer.

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